History: ezmoves® were invented in 1993 when a father and son, who were carpet installers, started using cut plastic milk jugs to slide furniture out of the way instead of lifting it.

For years they manufactured ezmoves Furniture Slides in the family garage and sold them primarily to carpet installers and carpet cleaners.

In 1997, ezmoves  debuted on QVC and exploded into the consumer market.

Challenge: Since then, ezmoves have found themselves overwhelmed by a flood of knockoffs and imitations. One fact remained: ezmoves perform better, are more durable, and hold a patent on the way the slide over any surface.


  • Create a premium brand.
  • Showcase, through videos: side by side comparisons, product superiority, and company integrity/guarantee.
  • Showcase product line quality, and use-by-application photos.
  • Reinforce that ezmoves are the brand relied on by pros every day.

If you are going to buy furniture slides, why not get the original and the best!