Green Marine is a brand new company looking to carve out a niche in an already crowded marketplace. Their point of differentiation? They only offer environmentally friendly marine products that are RoHS and WEEE Compliant, with energy efficient power supplies. Green Marine worked together with Uncomn Creative to form a brand that was not only smart, memorable, and high-tech in the marine marketplace, but also stood out from the sea of recent “green” brands.

Client testimonial:

“In today’s hyper competitive marketplace, the greatest testament to any company is their ability to not only maintain, but grow existing business relationships. I first approached Uncomn Creative to develop a logo for my new company. After exceeding my expectations in this regard, I turned over the development of our web site to them and now Uncomn is assisting us in exploring other ways to penetrate markets.

I am now convinced what I thought would be a one or two project contract will instead be a long lasting business partnership.

Uncomn Creative has provided us with a clear, consistent, high tech, look and message across all our communication portals while effectively differentiating us from our competition.

I was searching for a new company logo. Uncomn Creative introduced me to the possibility of establishing a worldwide brand.”

— Keith Grapes,
Founder & President, Green Marine